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you walk into a grocery store and you load up on whatever food and snacks your heart desires because everything displayed on the shelves is actually healthy and beneficial for your body. No more straining to read labels, no more deciphering the marketing jargon to determine what is really “pure” and “natural.” What you grab is just real, unadulterated food from nature.

Holistic Head To Toe

There actually was a time in history where food was food and not toxin-filled, corn-byproduct, processed junk. These were simple times, for sure. Today’s overpacked, frantic schedules will make anyone grab for that brightly colored box filled with tempting morsels of machine-made “food” simply because of convenience, but at what cost?

Now, let’s imagine a time when our entire health care system is focused on prevention and getting to the root cause. Where obesity, diabetes, and cancer are practically annihilated. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

Well, like it or not, the best way to create change is to start with ourselves! We must learn to be our own advocate–for our health, our food system and our community. The good news…It’s absolutely possible and I’m here to help you every step of the way!

It’s time to believe in our own MAGIC and shine our light! Are you ready? Let’s go…

After four decades of life, I realized this past year, that I was ready to shine my light. We all have it. It’s that drive or spirit inside of us that throws us into our passions and hobbies. What we dream about during the day. And what we advocate for in our spare time.

But, let me tell you…it has taken every bit of my past experiences to get me to this place. Right here. Right now.

During my 30’s, I was that over-stressed, corporate marketing girl who made zero time for self-care, let alone understand what “self-care” even meant. I dealt with aches and pains in my joints, clicking/popping knees, and constant fatigue that was often labeled as being “lazy.”

In addition, I struggled to understand why I  wasn’t loosing weight even though I went to the gym and ate “healthy.”  At that point, I figured being bloated and gassy all day, every day was just normal. It was all I knew! And let me tell you how many times I thoroughly embarrassed my boyfriends, and now husband, in the aisles of Target with my gassy stench (that I blamed on them of course!). Nope, not normal.

Instead, imagine a life filled with empowerment, joy and good health, not one that you are embarrassed by or in pain at every turn.

Please take this little advice–don’t get sucked in when people tell you, “Well, that’s just what happens as you get older.” Sure, our bodies slow down a little, but chronic pain, gas, bloating and inflammation are not part of the aging process.

With New Baby Comes New Awareness

The big wake-up call for me occurred once my first child was born. My darling newborn baby was fussy and would scream at night for hours on end. As new parents, we were utterly exhausted and overwhelmed and soon it became clear that our baby had what many parenting books refer to as colic. But really, let me be honest here. Colic is like this nebulous term that is thrown out there for desperate parents so they have something they can tell their friends and family. “Oh, don’t worry Grandma, Billy’s tummy always gurgles and he is always fussy. He’s just a colicky baby.”

Then, when my son was just three months old, he was diagnosed with reflux, then came lots of ear infections and rashes in places where you do NOT want rashes. What we didn’t know then and our pediatrician also did not seem to know is that all of those were caused by undiagnosed food sensitivities. Oh, and that colic–also undiagnosed food sensitivities.

But at the time, we had no idea about food sensitivities. Our pediatrician’s solutions were pills, cortisone creams, and ear surgery. Instead, my urge was to figure out what is CAUSING these ailments?

Thankfully, I began to tune into to my intuition, devoured natural baby books and sought out health care providers that were focused on finding a cause and valued prevention, rather than simply pushing a pharmaceutical and treating only the symptoms.

Imagine our immense relief when several months later we finally diagnosed my son’s food sensitivities! Wouldn’t you know, his body was telling him, and us, exactly what it didn’t want. We just had to tune into that special message. Everything that Western Medicine was telling us to do at that time (Zantac, cortisone creams, tubes in his ears), simply did not feel right to me.

That time in the pediatrician’s office, when I was handed a Zantac prescription for my three-month-old baby, I learned pretty quickly how to be an advocate for my child (and ultimately myself). My intuition was telling me to seek out the root of the problem so it could be prevented. And thus my journey into holistic health began!

Wellness is a Journey

Once we understood the connection with my son’s health challenges and foods he was sensitive to, I began to analyze my own health challenges. If my son was sensitive to wheat, dairy and soy and those were culprits of his distended tummy, perhaps those didn’t agree with my tummy either.  As it turns out, those were absolutely part of my problem!

After several years of visiting different alternative doctors, I found a team of practitioners who dove deep into my health history, connected ALL of the dots, and made some important diagnoses. With the help of author and practitioner, Jessica Flanigan, and functional Doctor Joe Smith of Atlas Health, I was finally diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Yes, I say “finally” because I fought hard to get to the root of what my body was experiencing. In addition, they discovered an iron loading blood disorder called Hemachromatosis.

Yeah, it’s quite a mouthful and was a tad overwhelming at first. But then I realized… I have trained for this. I’m sure that sounds absolutely crazy, but for the past 20+ years, I’ve learned more than I could ever fathom about how food and toxins work directly with and against our bodies.

In a society bombarded with conflicting information on how to live a healthy life and a western medical system designed more as a sick-care system, there is often more confusion than answers. However, you are in the right place if you want to empower yourself, tap into your inner voice and live in holistic harmony.

Join our tribe where I’ll share my top tips and natural DIY’s , delicious Paleo and allergy-friendly recipes, and a naturally healthy body.

Now, for a few FUN FACTS about what makes my heart sing…

  • Speed – I’m an adrenaline seeker for speed. I don’t like heights, however, which is one reason why my dream to be an Air Force fighter pilot never worked out. Darn!
  • Nature – My soul was drawn to Colorado from my hometown of Columbus, Ohio. The mountain air, fragrant pines, and white capped mountains feed my spirit.
  • Big fluffy dogs (and all animals really!) – Especially our sweet Alaskan Malamute I call Keiva the Diva.
  • Public speaking – Crazy, huh? But I just love it and jump at the chance to speak in front of others.
  • Food allergies – My daughter has a corn allergy, and although this also makes my heart cry at times, I know my purpose and passion is to help others on this journey.

Holistic Head To Toe

Peace and Love,