Bhakti Chai Green Smoothie w/Cherries (+ Brewery Tour)

Try this Bhakti Chai Green Smoothie with Cherries

What do legendary rock bands like Jimmy Buffet, Blues Travelers, Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd have in common? They all have a cult following.  A cult following is a group of dedicated and incredibly passionate fans. Well, here’s a little more trivia. Did you know there is a cult following for[Read more]

The Best Grain-Free Cookie Recipe

Best Gluten-Free Cookie

Every year I try to find the best grain-free cookie recipe without a lot of ingredients, that’s not too complicated to make. Not only is this the best grain-free cookie recipe (in my humble opinion), but it’s also the easiest! This Christmas cookie recipe is also egg-free, coconut-free and nut-free and uses[Read more]

Make an EASY Cold and Flu Prevention Tonic

Natural Colds and Flu JPrevention

Yep, it’s here. I hate to break the news… Cold and flu season is upon us. So let’s talk about prevention! Read our family’s strategies below and learn how to strengthen your immune system and naturally prevent the cold and flu. Then, watch my video on how to make an easy cold and flu[Read more]

How To Make Fun and Simple Apple “Doughnuts” (Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegan)

allergy-free apple snack with toppings

Today, I’m sharing an EASY, allergy-free, Paleo snack recipe. It’s both kid and adult-approved. I can’t wait to hear what you think… [This post contains affiliate links to make it easy to purchase items mentioned. Your pricing stays the same. See my full disclosure here.] A Quick and Easy Allergy Friendly Snack Perhaps you[Read more]