Custom DIY Foundation Powder (Just 6 Ingredients!)

Make this simple DIY foundation powder with just 6 natural ingredients!

You know how life throws you lemons, yet it’s what you do with them that matters? Well, DIY foundation powder is my lemonade! We caught the lemons a few years ago in the form of eight months of unemployment for my husband. Lo and behold, during that time, I ran out[Read more]

Homemade Tooth Powder That’s Toxin Free

Try this non-toxic homemade tooth powder recipe -- just 6 natural ingredients!

Did you know that regular toothpaste contains a mouthful of harmful chemicals? These chemicals include carcinogens, endocrine disrupters, and inflammatory ingredients. Yikes! How this happens is that due to regulatory “loopholes” (ahem) in the FDA, conventional toothpaste manufacturers (and even some natural) use harmful chemicals that absorb into our bloodstream.[Read more]