The Best Grain Free Cookie Recipe

Every year I try to find the best grain-free cookie recipe without a lot of ingredients, that’s not too complicated to make. Not only is this the best grain-free cookie recipe (in my humble opinion), but it’s also the easiest! This Christmas cookie recipe is also egg-free, coconut-free and nut-free and uses just one single flour. Cassava flour! Hooray for simple, gluten-free sugar cookies my entire family can enjoy.

I really love simple, allergy-friendly recipes, and this one from Gabrielle Schneider of Beyond The Bite passes the bar. Check out my recipe review below!

Best Grain-Free Christmas Cookie

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The main ingredients of this holiday sugar cookie are Cassava flour and non-hydrogenated palm shortening. In case it isn’t obvious, I really like SIMPLE! 🙂 Naturally, this recipe jumped out at me because it has a short list of ingredients and is very allergy-friendly.

For most allergy families, you will already have these ingredients on hand. Or if you don’t have Cassava flour, you can also sub coconut flour. Just be careful as coconut flour soaks up A LOT of liquid so you may need to use a little less flour than what’s called for in the recipe.

My only challenge when making this recipe was the dough was a little sticky, so when I cut the cookie shapes, I wasn’t able to lift them off the parchment paper to put them on the baking sheet.  We had to do a little finagling. BUT, there could be a few reasons for that: 1) I may have been heavy handed on the liquid ingredients and/or, 2) I didn’t precisely measure my flour.

When using grain-free baking flour, precise measurements are imperative. I’m more a pinch and a dash kind of girl, so learn from my mistake. 🙂

Best Gluten-Free Sugar Cookie
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When making any type of cookie dough, just be sure to check if it’s the right consistency by kneading it with your hands and even rolling out a little to test with a cookie cutter. (I neglected this step. Oops!)

Thankfully, the fix to sticky dough is quite easy. If it’s a little on the stickier side like mine was, you can simply add approximately 1 TBS of Cassava flour and blend to get the right consistency.

For Gabrielle’s complete grain-free sugar cookie recipe, CLICK HERE

My last bit of advice would be to make the dairy-free cookie frosting as soon as the cookies are cooling, because the kids will not be able to wait any longer! Big mistake in my house as we ran out of time to frost these amazing grain-free sugar cookies.

Trying to tell a five year old that they have to wait until the next day to frost the cookies is like telling them that Santa is not coming this year. Eeek! It’s just not good.

Luckily the dairy-free, vanilla frosting is quite easy as well and uses a little bit of the Cassava flour and palm shortening.  The other ingredients are canned coconut milk, maple sugar (I substituted coconut sugar) and vanilla. For the complete, dairy-free frosting recipe from Gabrielle at Beyond The BiteCLICK HERE

My daughter’s favorite part of Christmas cookie baking is using our Santa cookie stamp. My dear Mom gave it to me, and at first we thought it was kind of funny. But look how cute those Santa cookies turned out? Definitely a cherished Christmas memory for years to come

What’s your favorite Christmas baking tradition? Comment below.

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