Jennifer mcleland

From Stuck, to Holistic Life Coach.

I’ve been where you are…

  • I felt overwhelmed and hopeless…
  • I constantly felt stuck in a repetitive cycle…
  • I was confused and unsure how to get through what felt like an existential crisis….
jennifer mcleland virtual integrative wellness and holistic life coach with dog Biggie in colorado

As a midlife mom with two children, a marriage that was crumbling, health challenges that kept me exhausted and facing a complete financial crash…


my life. was. a. mess.

While many friends were celebrating promotions, upgrading their homes and going on endless vacations , they seemingly had it all together. I, however was a complete wreck on the inside and did what a lot of women do best– put on a smile and kept trying to get through it HOPING it would get better.

Needless to say, I’ve had moments of wanting to give up and didn’t know where to turn. No matter what I did, it often felt like I was getting nowhere fast.

Sound familiar?

Why Holistic Life Coaching Is Different

A Holistic life coach empowers you to discover your authentic self, overcome limiting beliefs and cultivate new habits and positive patterns; all within a whole-body framework designed for your journey to success. We do that by balancing your 4 pillars of wellness:


Inner balance, resilience, and radical authenticity

emotional puzzle piece half brain half heart
mental puzzle piece evil eye lightbulb


Awareness, Acknowledgement & Action.


Things from career & finances, to health and nutrition.

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spiritual wellness puzzle piece


Nurturing the spirit and enrich the soul.

After committing to do the work with my life coach, I finally found myself again!

  • I saw a light at the end of the tunnel.
  • I was excited to wake up in the mornings.
  • I found hope along with the confidence needed to continue to take the next right step forward.

Let’s Make It Happen For You

Become UNSTUCK and stop the vicious cycles

Realize their full potential and feel ALIVE

Live a life of purpose and passion everyday

Everyone Deserves to Experience Wellness

Ready To Start Your Path To Holistic Wellness?

I can’t wait to meet you!