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As your certified Integrative Wellness and Life Coach, I come beside you to help you overcome what’s holding you back from living your best life.

As someone who has hit rock bottom, I’ve experienced feeling lost in the dark, struggled with hopelessness and self-doubt, and ultimately rebounded from an existential and financial crisis.

This journey set me on the path to help other women 40+ who may be feeling stuck. You don’t have to face these challenges alone. Together, we can help you rediscover your inner wisdom and overcome what’s holding you back from living your best life.

Jennifer McLeland, Integrated Wellness and Life Coach
Jennifer McLeland
Integrative Wellness & Life Coach

Wife. Dog-Mom. Midlife Mom. Nature Lover. Crystal Collector… A self-proclaimed “granola in a martini glass.”

Jennifer McLeland

3 Reasons Why Not

Meet Jennifer and watch this quick, 2-minute video about the 3 limiting beliefs that can (and will) stop you from taking this next step.

Radical Authenticity is My Jam

Do you struggle with giving yourself permission for self-care?

Are you looking for purpose and passion?

Do you simply feel stuck in the muck of everyday life and are ready to live the life you truly desire and deserve?

The magic happens within all four pillars of wellness — mental, emotional, physical & spiritual. These four systems are connected to make up who we are.

As we work through each system, the roadblocks and speed bumps that were hindering your success, well, they simply disappear!

Our HHTT Name Story

It all started with a brainstorming session and a question from a friend…”How would we describe you, Jennifer?” The answer came in a heartbeat – “Head to Toe Holistic.”

Yet, the perfect URL was taken. That’s when inspiration struck, and “Holistic Head To Toe” was born. It not only encapsulates who l am but serves as an inviting beacon for fellow HHTT’ers to join our tribe!

The name isn’t just a label; it’s a reflection of our holistic approach, uniting mind, body, and spirit in the journey toward well-being.

How I experience Joy

Imagine if this was your life right now

  • You wake up every day feeling fulfilled, and authentically in your own skin.
  • You are grounded and feel balance in all four pillars of wellness — mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
  • You no longer cycle through limiting beliefs
  • Negative self talk is non-existent. Yes, I’m talking zero here!
  • You have the tools you need to manage every day stressors.
  • You live a healthy, balanced life filled with joy that aligns with your values and goals.

Why Work With Me As Your Holistic Life Coach?

Together, we can…

  • Uncover and overcome harmful habits and patterns
  • Process negative emotions and reframe limiting beliefs
  • Discover your authentic self and break through barriers holding you back

What we won’t do is ruminate about your past and get lost in what could have/should have been. By overcoming major roadblocks you are able to move forward in a short amount of time achieving whole-body wellness and a life you’ve been missing.

What makes my Holistic Life Coaching unique is that I take an empowering “do with” approach to determine specific, supported actions toward balance in all areas including family, career, relationships, finances, health, self-development, and spirituality.

A Root Cause Approach Vs. Quick Fixes

As a holistic life coach, I work from a whole-body approach focusing on the root causes vs simply putting quick-fixes, or Band-Aids, on your symptoms or problems.

Sure, a Band-Aid may solve your problem temporarily. However, what happens is the problem continues to fester and ooze without ever healing.

Ever get that feeling of being stuck in a vicious cycle?  Well, that’s the festering and oozing from the quick fix or Band-Aid approach you may find elsewhere.

I’m here to tell you that we can rip off that Band-Aid for good and find true balance and a life you have been waiting for!

A Few More Things That Make My Heart Sing

  • Speed – I’ve got a need for speed! However, heights aren’t my cup of tea, and it’s one of the reasons my childhood dream of becoming an Air Force fighter pilot didn’t quite take off. Instead, I’m setting my sights on manifesting a sleek mini-speed boat!
  • Dancing and disco balls – The joke is always if Jennifer gets on a dance floor she will never get off. And they are right! I love dancing to disco, 90’s hip hop and more!

What makes your heart sing? I would love to hear about it!