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I help millennials and midlife moms identify and overcome what’s holding them back so they can live the life they have always desired (and deserve!). My mission is to help you reclaim your power and become the best version of yourself through an approachable, holistic life coaching experience.

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1:1 Coaching

Together, we will uncover what’s holding you back and create a customized plan to live a life of radical authenticity with less stress & more joy.

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About Jennifer

Mid-life Mom. Dog-Mom. Wife. Nature Lover. Crystal Collector…A self-proclaimed “granola in a martini glass.”

Hi, I’m so glad you’re here! As an Integrative Wellness & Life Coach, I am dedicated to helping you become empowered so you can stop struggling and live the life of your dreams. On this transformative journey led by a ‘do with’ approach, I will collaboratively help you overcome obstacles, break free from negative habits, and achieve balance in all areas of your life.

My philosophy is rooted in radical authenticity to help you become your highest, most authentic version of yourself. Most importantly, I want you to regain what’s been lost — your hope! I offer life coaching solutions, drawing from a whole-body approach encompassing mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Together, let’s embrace a future filled with empowerment,
hope, and holistic harmony!

The Four Pillars of Wellness

Areas I coach toward balance include self-development, health, relationships, family, finances, career, and spirituality. These are encompassed within the four body systems — mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual (MEPS).

Mental Clarity

Unlock your potential where the triple A’s become your superpower: Awareness, Acknowledgement & Action.

Physical Harmony

Elevate your vitality by fueling your life in the physical world – from career and finances to health and nutrition.

Emotional Well-Being

Discover a transformative journey to inner balance, resilience, and radical authenticity.

Spiritual Growth

Embark on a soulful journey of self-discovery – nurturing the spirit, enriching the soul.

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My Wellness Journey

Discover how my personal health journey reframed my approach to life and ultimately set me on the path to holistic life coaching.

Top Meditation Apps

When you need help turning off and inward, these are my favorite options I’ve used over the years!

Middle-aged women smiling outside, laughing, connecting, and growing together.

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“If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.”

– Lao Tzu

What Our Clients Say

“Working with Jennifer for holistic life coaching woke something up inside of me that I had forgotten. Her work encompasses the whole self, body, mind, and spirit. That integration is something that’s missing from most programs.

It’s clear that Jennifer is passionate about her work and that makes all the difference.”

– Carrie P. CO, USA

“This program came into my life when I felt very lost. I didn’t know what was preventing me from doing, growing, being, or becoming, but I was stalled out. I have had a life coach only once before and the experience then vs now were vastly different. The holistic approach of this program was incredibly valuable for me; it included physical wellness and made me more aware of how my physical activity, food intake, sleep, etc. affect my attitude, performance, and interactions throughout the day.  Previous coaching touched on the mental, spiritual, and emotional, but never the physical and this was a huge part of what I recognized and transformed. I sleep more, I eat more often and choose healthier food more when I do eat, I feel like I am more well-received by my colleagues because I’m more enjoyable to be around. ”

– Courtney C. CO, USA

“Jennifer is warm and comforting which is exactly what I needed during this phase of transition. I’m incredibly appreciative of her support and enthusiasm along with her professionalism and the friendship we have formed. Not only did I get personal coaching from Jennifer, but I also became part of a private FB community with continued support and insight from others. This community has been invaluable along my wellness journey!”

– Christie D. CO, USA

“If you’re looking for someone who has a totally holistic and unique approach to life coaching this is what you need!

Jennifer is amazing and her transformational guidance incorporated body, mind and spirit and left me feeling so empowered. I would do this again in a heartbeat!”

– Lauren S. CO, USA