Finding Balance: 4 Pillars of Wellness

Wellness is a journey, not a race. It’s a continuous flow of exploration and awareness. My job as your Holistic Life Coach is to guide you along your journey, diving into the four body systems or pillars of wellness — mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness.

Imagine a chair with four legs. If one leg is shorter, then the whole chair wobbles. The chair becomes wobbly and unbalanced. The same happens in our lives when one or more of the four pillars is unbalanced.

This can show up as mental and emotional distress, such as hopelessness, physical illness, weight gain, and much more!

Empowered Actions = Empowered Results

First, your journey at Holistic Head To Toe begins with empowerment. You are 100% in the driver’s seat. Along the way, you will discover your true self to finally live the life you have always envisioned (and deserve!).

What we won’t do is ruminate about your past and get lost in what could have/should have been.

Are you ready to…

  • Feel fulfilled in ALL areas of your lifemental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.
  • Enjoy a balanced lifes that aligns with your values and goals.
  • Live your life with less stress and more joy by tapping into your full potential.

You don’t need to be fixed. You aren’t broken. I believe in you and am here to help you believe in yourself!

~ Jennifer McLeland

This transformative journey to finding your true self, what I call radical authenticity, is led by a gentle and empowering “do with” approach, versus doing to or for someone.

Together, we begin by diving into your personal history and the four key pillars of wellness – your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual systems.

Then, we uncover what’s holding you back and your core values and goals. With the information on your whole self, we determine specific, supported actions toward balance in all areas, including:

  • family
  • career
  • relationships
  • finances
  • health
  • self-development
  • spirituality

One thing is for certain! You will never leave one of my coaching programs empty-handed. With each program, you will receive a customized action plan that you can do independently or have support along the way. It’s entirely up to you!

Why Use a Holistic Wellness & Life Coach?

WHOLE HEALTH & BALANCE: As a certified Integrative Wellness and Life Coach, I take an empowered approach to help you achieve your goals and dreams through clearing blocks and finding balance in your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual body systems.

SAVE TIME AND MONEY: To accomplish your holistic wellness goals promptly, without wasting a lot of time and money, a holistic wellness coach is critical. As your your ‘tour guide,’ I help you utilize powerful tools for transformation and achieving lasting results by cutting through layers and getting to the root cause.

Everyone Deserves to Experience Wellness

I’m passionate about helping others and I believe that everyone deserves to experience wellness.

Each month, I hold space for one sliding scale client a month. If this is a need you have and you are committed to holistic wellness, please reach out to me directly

How Do I Start my Journey?

The first step is to book your FREE Discovery Call with me. This is your opportunity to ask questions and learn what holistic wellness and life coaching can do for you.

I can’t wait to meet you!