• Experiencing stress and overwhelm?
  • Feeling trapped in a repetitive cycle?
  • Grappling with uncertainty and confusion in this phase of life?

As a midlife mom with two children, I’ve been there and understand the profound impact feeling lost or stuck can have on your life.

I’m intimately familiar with being stuck, doubting myself and the sheer overwhelm and fear of not knowing what to do next.

Our family experienced a complete financial crash at a time while it seemed that most of our friends “had made it” and “were climbing up the ladder,” getting promotions, going on endless vacations and seemingly having it all together.

Meanwhile, I was a complete wreck on the inside and did what women do best — put on a smile and was living a double life. My insides didn’t match my outside. I didn’t know how our marriage would survive it all and had no roadmap ahead.

Needless to say, I’ve had moments of wanting to give up and didn’t know where to turn. No matter what I did, it often felt like I was getting nowhere fast.

So what DID I do during the most difficult times of my life (yes, there was more than one)? I became numb with avoidance. I poured myself into my kids and just kept on my happy mask.

Sure, I turned to my friends who did what they could, and that meant the world to me at the time. But, ultimately they couldn’t help.

Why? Because everything I needed was inside myself.

There was no magic bullet. Nothing outside of myself was going to “save” me. But, I just didn’t realize it yet. In all honestly, I wanted to be saved. Just treading water was becoming too exhausting and I was drowning fast.

What I desperately needed was someone to help guide me and show me there was a way through the dense fog.

Not someone to rescue me, rather someone who could help me find my way out of all of the stories in my head, the limiting beliefs that were holding me back and the negative habits I fell into. Someone who could simply give me a glimmer of the hope and power that was within me.

Why am I telling you all of this?

  • So that you don’t have to learn these lessons the hard way.
  • Nor go through one more single day of beating yourself up for not being good enough, feeling like something is wrong with you, and feeling utterly hopeless and stuck.

Ready to stop the vicious cycle?

When I finally hit rock bottom and literally saw no way out of the chaos, I had an old friend reach out to me to meet for coffee.

I wanted to say no, because the last thing I wanted to do was fake how great things were to someone’s face. It was much easier to hide behind Facebook or text. But something inside of of me said: You must go. Get dressed and just go.

So I did. Thankfully, I listened to my intuition and met my friend for coffee. I tried my best to keep my smile on, but I also found myself sharing bits of how I wasn’t super happy with my life at that moment.

Not surprisingly, as we were getting ready to leave the coffee shop, she said to me, “Jennifer, you are not the person who I hung out with a few years ago. I sense hopelessness and that’s not you at all.” Boy, was she ever so right that I nearly burst into tears!

Hopelessness. YES. That’s exactly what I was feeling. And what a relief it was that someone “saw” me. Someone who could feel the raw pain deep inside of me.

However, I still shrugged it off and said with a deep sigh, “Oh, I’ll be fine.” Then we hugged and left.

Several days later this friend messaged me and shared that she was considering changing careers and was looking to coach people on the side. She said she was looking for some beta testers. Ummmm, seriously!? I couldn’t believe it. But then my heart sank for a moment thinking there is no way I can afford coaching.

She sent me her pricing for monthly coaching and in that moment, I just felt it was divine intervention. I knew I needed help, but just didn’t know how. Yet I just knew that I had to say yes. Something had to change!

And so it began — a several month journey of gaining back hope, believing in myself and manifesting the life of my dreams — a new home, an English bulldog, the SUV I dreamed about for years, financial security and slowly piecing back our fractured relationship.

Everything that both my husband and I put on our vision boards came to fruition within about two years. It was truly amazing and almost too good to be true. One of those pinch me moments, for sure.

Although, more important than all of the material things, what I gained back was myself — my spark, my hope, my zest for life. I began to grow into my authentic self and started finding balance and wholeness in all of the systems — mental, emotional, physical, spiritual.

I almost don’t believe it all happened, but it did!

We still have those vision boards hanging in our garage as my daily reminder of what is truly possible when we finally believe in ourselves and are empowered to make our dreams a reality. It really is possible!

How to Make it Happen

For over a decade, balance and wellness was my ultimate goal and is a common goal for many, but getting there can often feel like an uphill battle (to say the least!).

I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t have to be that way!

What you may be missing is your own guide who can help you on an empowered path to wholeness and balance — Your own holistic wellness and life coach.

A Holistic life coach empowers you to discover your authentic self, overcome limiting beliefs, cultivate new habits and positive patterns, all within a whole-body framework designed for your journey to success.

Areas I coach toward wholeness and balance include:

  • self-development
  • health
  • relationships
  • family
  • finances
  • career
  • spirituality 

Benefits of a Free Clarity Call

  • Clarity and Personal Guidance: Through our call, you will emerge with newfound clarity, personalized guidance, and clear options for the next steps in your holistic wellness journey.
  • Answers to Your Questions: All of your questions, including understanding the distinctions between a holistic life coach and a conventional life coach and how these differences benefit you, will be thoroughly addressed.
  • Immediate Empowerment Through Knowledge: You’ll acquire immediate knowledge, and as they say, knowledge is power. This empowerment enables you to make informed decisions about your next steps.
  • Tailored to Your Circumstances and Goals: Your discovery call is tailored to your unique circumstances and goals, ensuring a personalized and relevant learning opportunity.

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