Find Your Flow

Health and wellness is a journey. It’s not a race. It’s a continuous flow of exploration and awareness. My job as your Holistic Wellness Coach is to help you easily navigate your desired path toward a naturally, healthy life.

Holistic Wellness Coach

Most of us are overwhelmed with society’s expectations of what we SHOULD be doing (and feeling) or how our life SHOULD look.  There are no “should’s” in achieving holistic wellness, but rather this is a discovery process of what feels right to YOU and works best for you and your family.

We live in a society of information overload. No one knows where to begin.

Which books do I read, what body products are gluten-free, how do I meditate when my schedule is already overflowing?

Too much, too fast, too soon, often puts us in a state of inaction. We literally shut down.

To overcome this, I’ll work with you, based on your unique holistic wellness goals, and together we will break it all down into manageable steps. We will ask, what is the next right step?

Our aim is for PROGRESS, not perfection.

HHTT’s Core Pillars of Holistic Wellness:

Healthy Body

  • Ditch the toxins and find natural alternatives that work with your body instead of against
  • Save money and reduce your toxic load with simple, homemade beauty products (even make-up!)
  • Uncover opportunities for more body movements that work for you and not what is the latest fad
  • Transition to real food and less processed food with a pantry-makeover
  • Transition to a special diet with ease (allergies, celiac, autoimmune)
  • Become your own health advocate while tuning into your body

Happy Home

  • Save money and reduce your family’s toxic exposure with natural alternatives to harsh cleaning products
  • Create your own simple, homemade alternatives to many store-bought household products
  • Purge clutter and bring joy into the home using expert resources including Marie Kondo’s method of tidying up

Sound Mind

  • Discover tools to slow down and bring daily joy into your life
  • Learn how to incorporate the ancient art of meditation and affirmations (with just ten mins or less a day!)
  • Create a simple gratitude practice

Why Use a Holistic Wellness Coach?

ACCOUNTABILITY: The primary reason anyone turns to a coach is for accountability. We all are distracted in today’s busy, high-tech world. Family, jobs and smart phones all scream for our daily attention. A coach can provide tools to minimize distractions and keep you on track, all the while cheering you on to success!

SAVE TIME AND MONEY: To accomplish your holistic wellness goals promptly, without wasting a lot of sanity, time and money, a coach is critical. As your Holistic Wellness Coach, I’ll guide you toward proven tools and resources.

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How Do I Start?

  1. First, choose a Holistic Wellness Coaching package below.  COMING FALL 2017! Join my email list to be first in line to book your FREE initial consult.
  2. Once enrolled, you will receive an intake form where I gather details on your particular situation, needs, and goals.
  3. Then, we will schedule our first phone or skype call.
  4. After each call, you will receive a homework sheet with action items and goals to keep you on track.

Coaching packages to fit your unique needs:

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