My Journey to Becoming an Online Life Coach – Part 1

Hey there, lovely souls! Embarking on a wellness journey is more than just pursuing physical health; it’s a transformative exploration of mind, body, and soul. As an online life coach, I’ve dedicated myself to guiding others through their own paths of self-discovery and growth. 

In this two-part series, I invite you to join me as I navigate the twists and turns of my own wellness journey and how I turned them into motivation to start my online life coaching business.

From Childhood Illness to Adult Struggles to Online Life Coach

From the very beginning, my childhood days were filled with countless sick days and a storm cloud of constant illness (colds and flu’s) hovering over my life. Missing school was supposed to be a treat, but averaging 20+ days a year? That was beyond frustrating. 

Fast forward to my 20s and 30s, and the struggle with perpetual sickness was oh-so-real. It cast a shadow over everything – my job, my social life, even my mental health.

But here’s where things start to get interesting. Picture me in my 30s, joints creaking and fatigue setting in so badly that I felt I had legs weighing 100 lbs each as I tried to go upstairs. Yeah, it was bad.

I would hear comments about laziness, but little did they know, my body was signaling something much bigger – chronic illness and inflammation, along with some pesky food sensitivities. 

I had a haunch, and I was desperate to figure it out.

During this time, the most amazing yet also the biggest wake-up call of my life happened: the arrival of my firstborn, who came into the world kicking and screaming. Literally, our son would scream through every night. 

Trust me, this wasn’t your run-of-the-mill newborn fussiness; we’re talking full-blown, nighttime screaming marathons (along with a distended belly) that could’ve rivaled Olympic events. 

Colic, they said in all the books and articles. But let me tell you, colic is a flimsy Band-Aid term for the real issues – undiagnosed food sensitivities wreaking havoc on my little one’s tiny body.

Three months in, my son was battling reflux, ear infections, and rashes – all classic symptoms of those sneaky food sensitivities. Our pediatrician’s solutions? Pills, creams, and even ear surgery. But something inside me persisted, “There’s gotta be more to this!”

Unraveling the Mystery 

I trusted my intuition, dove into natural baby books, and sought out healthcare providers who focused on root causes and prevention. Cue the immense relief when we finally found a practitioner who diagnosed my son’s sensitivities. His body told us all along, and we just had to listen.

Now, here’s where things take a turn. Connecting the dots between my son’s health struggles and his food sensitivities sparked a light bulb moment – if his tummy troubles stemmed from gluten, dairy, and soy, could these culprits also be behind my own health battles?

Spoiler alert: they were

But delving into health and wellness is like peeling an onion – layers upon layers, and definitely not a one-size-fits-all scenario! Fast forward to my early 40s, and I finally found a team of practitioners who connected all the dots and made some life-changing diagnoses.

Guided by author and practitioner Jessica Flanigan’s wisdom and Functional Dr. Joe Smith’s expertise, I finally had answers: Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Hemochromatosis, a genetic iron-loading disorder, plus a slew of my own food sensitivities.

But wait, there’s more! Enter toxic mold, the silent troublemaker lurking in countless homes, joined the party too. And let me tell you, navigating this health maze taught me three things:

1) Mindset is everything.

2) Don’t give up.

3) Listen to your gut.

Holistic Head To Toe: Your Online Life Coach

So why am I sharing all of this? Because I want you to know that you’re not alone. 

jennifer mcleland holistic head to toe wellness and life coach in colorado

Whether you’re battling chronic illness, feeling lost in the midst of motherhood, or simply craving less chaos and a little more balance in your life, I’ve been there.

And guess what? I’ve come out the other side stronger, more empowered, and ready to guide you on your unique journey with online holistic life coaching. 

As your Holistic Life Coach, I cover ALL body systems or, as I call them, the Four Pillars of Wellness. So buckle up because we’re about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime – together!

For over a decade, wholeness and wellness have been my ultimate goal and is a common goal for many, but getting there can often feel like an uphill battle (to say the least!).

I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way!

You may be missing your own guide who can help you on an empowered path to wholeness and balance — Your own holistic wellness and life coach.

Your Online Life Coach

A holistic online life coach empowers you to discover your authentic self, overcome what’s holding you back, and cultivate new habits and positive patterns, all within a whole-body framework designed for your journey to success. (all virtually– hello convenience!)

Areas I coach toward wholeness and balance include:

  • Self-development
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Family
  • Finances
  • Career
  • Spirituality 

Benefits of a Free Online Discovery Call

Clarity and Personal Guidance: Through our call, you will emerge with newfound clarity, personalized guidance, and clear options for the next steps in your holistic wellness journey.

Answers to Your Questions: All of your questions, including understanding the distinctions between a holistic life coach and a conventional life coach and how these differences benefit you, will be thoroughly addressed.

Immediate Empowerment Through Knowledge: You’ll acquire immediate knowledge, and as they say, knowledge is power. This empowerment enables you to make informed decisions about your next steps.

Tailored to Your Circumstances and Goals: Your discovery call is tailored to your unique circumstances and goals, ensuring a personalized and relevant learning opportunity.

Peace and Love ,


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