I love to share things (OK, except for food–Just ask my husband! 🙂 ). Here are a few of my favorite holistic wellness resources that have helped me along my wellness and healing journey. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Top Meditation Apps

When you need help turning off and turning inward, these are my favorite options that I’ve used over the years

Just For Fun

Love word finder puzzles? A fun activity for your family or even a team at work! Check out this FREE PDF from www.inner-guide.com with five, fun, positive word, word finder puzzles 🙂

Meal Prep Made Easy

Cooking from scratch can be a part of holistic wellness. The question is, how to make cooking easier? Below are my all-time favorite kitchen tools that help me simplify mealtime.

  • Mini food processor – A kitchen workhorse for under $35! Think easy pesto and salsa. It’s great for grinding nuts, seeds and coffee beans too!
  • Mason Jars (wide mouth) – Oh, how I love my mason jars. I store teas, sauces, leftovers, salads, nuts, seeds, coffee and even use them for drinking glasses!
  • Mandolin Slicer – Skip complicated mandolins with lots of cutting blades that take up too much space. For $15, this is hands-down the easiest mandolin slicer that takes up very little room in your cabinet!
  • Vitamix – In a nutshell, if you cook at home, this is an investment that is worth saving for!
  • InstantPot – I’ve had this workhorse for 6+ years. In fact, we have two! It’s a life-saver and helps with batch cooking and weekly meal planning.

Top 5 Favorite Cookbooks

Looking for some clean eating, whole-food recipes? These cookbook gems have helped my family to manage autoimmune disease and other inflammatory triggers (click here to read about my health journey).

Favorite Holistic Websites

What are your favorite holistic wellness resources?