Embrace Your Holistic Wellness Journey

I’m extremely grateful you stopped here on your journey to holistic wellness many know as mind/body/spirit.

The time is NOW to be our own wellness advocate and it’s not always easy. We often need help, support or ideas and that’s exactly what this community is about. I started this website as a blog in 2016 and then had to take a detour as we were hit with some unfortunate circumstances. This is also when my health and life seemed to crumble in an instant.

However, with the help of a life coach and discovering my authentic self, I was able to turn my life around. At that point, I decided to become certified as an Integrative Wellness and Life coach to support my community even further. In the Spring of 2023 this dream finally manifested.

Today I’m helping women 40+ along their wellness journey to live the life they have always envisioned from a balanced approach with less stress and more joy!

Where Are You On Your Wellness Journey?

  • Do you desire to live the life you have always envisioned but don’t know where to begin?
  • Do you ruminate in negative self talk on a daily basis?
  • Have you experienced a major life set-back and want to get back on track?
  • Are you looking for a more holistic approach to mental health?

Well, you are in the right place! I’ve been there and this is where our journey begins together!

Embrace Your Journey

As part of this supportive community, you will find helpful posts and how-to videos covering all four pillars of wellness — mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  

Plus, as a little bonus, early in my holistic blogging journey I concocted several DIY beauty and health recipes including the popular DIY Cold/Flu Buster Tonic , DIY Homemade Toothpaste and MUCH more!

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Cheers to our wellness!

Peace and love,

♥ Jennifer

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