Embrace Your Journey to Natural Health

I’m extremely grateful you stopped by on your journey to health and healing the natural way.

The time is NOW to be our own health advocate and it’s not always easy. We often need help, support or ideas and that’s exactly what this community is about.

Embrace Your Journey


I’ve pushed through my fears (and vulnerability) to share my family’s story of healing using a natural, holistic approach with our body, mind, and soul.  

What’s your family’s current story?


  • Do you desire to eat healthier, but don’t know where to begin?
  • Do you manage an autoimmune disease?
  • Has someone in your family been diagnosed with food sensitivities or food allergies
  • Do you want to remove toxins from your home and body?

Well, you are in the right place! I’ve been there. I’m there now and this is where our journey begins together!

As part of this supportive community, you will find helpful posts and how-to videos ranging from DIY Cold/Flu Buster Tonic, Homemade Paleo Mayo (a fan favorite!), Baked Plantain Pancakes (AIP, vegan, dairy-free, grain-free, egg-free!), DIY Homemade Toothpaste, navigating Disney World with food allergies and MUCH more!

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Cheers to our health!

Peace and love,

♥ Jennifer


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